Specially for you.

It is a full-day tour in luxury.   8 hours.

( jinrikisha  course )

10 limitation on 1st


It is the comfortably leisurely luxurious full-day tour that does the welcoming and sending off gracefully with a jinrikisha.


Greet to a hotel ( JR Nara station, Kintetsunara station neighborhood ) or specification place ( jinrikisha )


Order of a course.


① Shinyakushiji temple

    Shinyakushiji temple is famous for the Yakushi Nyorai image of the national treasure and

   12 Gods commander image to defend it.

    It gets chief priest 's explanation.

          What's Shinyakushiji Temple?  

          Official Website.


② It is a Nara kaiseki launch in reused old house restaurant.

          Official Website.


③ Byakugouji Temple

      With chief priest 's story and guide.

      It gets a bird's-eye view of the scenery of Nara City while eating the green tea and dumpling sweets.

          What's Byakugouji Temple?  

          Official Website.


④ It rests in Cafe ROKUSARON.

      With a drink.

         Official Website..



Cost  20,000 yen ( The charge of 2 persons is 35,000 yen. )

 A Jinrikisha is 2 seats.





Greet in a hotel with a jinrickisha ( it notifies Shinyakushiji temple )

In the middle

It can be possible to enjoy a little sightseeing, too.

( by rikisha man -san 's guide )


It offers in a Shinyakushiji temple inspection person reception desk.

It goes and worships in chief priest 's guide such as a nave / national treasure.


It goes and worships freely in Shinyakushiji temple.

Charm, red seal drapery and so on

It moves to Hasegawa of 7 minutes on foot.


It is a kaiseki launch in Hasegawa.


After the lunch

It moves ( there are the stone pavement stairs of the worship of 15 minutes on foot from Hasegawa ) to the Byakugouji temple .


It offers with a worship reception desk mouth.

It goes and worships in chief priest 's guide.

From the temple, it is possible to get a bird's-eye view of Nara City.

It rests with the green tea and dumpling.


It takes a walk slowly.



Well, it waits and rests.

( they are 15 minutes on foot from the temple )


By a jinrikisha from cafe ROKUSARON.

We send to a hotel such as Jinrikisha.




Shinyakushiji temple

It is possible to hear chief priest 's story and explanation.

Byakugouji temple

It is possible to hear chief priest 's story and explanation.


A kaiseki launch is a special course.

Cafe Rokusaron

The use of a Japanese-style room, too, is possible ( in case of a preliminary application ).

It is possible to hear a pleasant story from rikisha man -san, too.


A charge becomes 40,000 yen if using all courses a jinrikisha. 

( The charge of 2 persons is 70,000 yen. )


In order to ensure everyone gets seated, we would like to ask all participants to purchase the tickets in advance.

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