A wide variety of delicious Japanese dishes can be found no matter where you go.

You could even make a different home-cooked meal every day for a month.

If you come to Japan, make sure to try out home-cooked styled dishes at a restaurant.

Our recommended home cooking


1. Tonkatsu (pork cutlet)


2. Curry rice


3. Croquet


4. Karaage (deep-fried chicken)


5. Ebi furai (fried shrimp)


6. Sukiyaki (slices of beef and vegetables cooked in a pot and eaten in winter)


7. Shogayaki (pork fried with ginger)


8. Chahan (Chinese-style fried rice)


9. Gyoza (pot stickers)


10. Yakisoba (fried noodles)


11. Okonomiyaki (savory pancakes containing various vegetables and meats)


12. Tempura (deep-fried and battered seafood and vegetables)